On November 1st, one week before the election, the divestment movement is mobilizing to get out the vote and bury Trump.


Young people are standing up to defeat the rising wave of Trump-inspired hate, and to make sure we elect candidates that we can push to take strong climate action. No candidate has ever posed a greater threat to climate justice than Donald Trump, and his actions would set back everything the divestment movement has worked so hard to achieve.

That's why one week before the election, we're gathering across the country for texting parties to reach millennial voters in the key battleground states that will decide this election.


Organize a #VoteThenGetOut texting party on your campus & join the national push to get out the vote:

As young people, our future is on the line. But we've also got the energy, vision, and community to bury Trump. The more people that step up to host texting parties on November 1, the more voters we'll reach, and the closer we'll be to stopping Trump. We are now in the most crucial period of the election when undecided voters make up their minds and cast their ballots, so let's get to work.

Register your event now so that others on your campus (or campuses close by) can find you. You'll be able to invite friends and contact people who sign up for your event. Just make sure that everyone signs up on your event page -- look for the link on your host tools page, after you confirm your event.

If you're in the Pacific time zone, make sure to schedule your event earlier -- many of the states where we're contacting people are a few hours ahead.




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    Image by:Shadia Fayne Wood, Project Survival Media