As the Paris Climate Summit wraps up, thousands of activists will take to the streets around the conference center where the summit is being held. This mass mobilization and civil disobedience is meant to send a message to both world governments and everyone watching at home: a livable climate is a red line that we cannot compromise on or cross.

If governments won't take the action needed, the people will. Let's stand in solidarity with the Paris protestors! Organize an action in your community. 

Two weeks after the big march on November 29th, we’re taking our future into our own hands, and setting the stage for more action in 2016.

Register your event so that people in your community can find you. You'll be able to invite friends and contact people who sign up to participate in your action. We'll also send you additional resources to help you have a successful event. You'll be able to edit your event info later, so you don't need to have everything figured out right now -- the important thing is to get started!

And if you still need ideas for your action, check this organizing guide for some suggestions.

Note: We’ll invite people in your area to join your mobilization action after the Global Climate Actions in November mark the beginning of the climate talks.

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