Right now is a critical stage in the fight to stop the Galilee Basin mega coal mines that will cook the climate and trash the Reef.

The movement to stop these disastrous projects has united people from all walks of life -- we’ve built power in our communities, hit the global headlines and changed governments. But now, we must unite stronger and more powerfully than ever to ensure that CommBank publicly rules out involvement in these disastrous projects.

It’s time to Raise the Heat on CommBank.

From 19-23 May, we will put Commonwealth Bank’s reputation on the line. Either the bank heeds our call and publicly rules out funding the mines and ports OR they face a creative & unrelenting campaign.

From Tuesday to Saturday, each day will be more powerful than the last. From handing out information to CommBank customers to creative and bold actions -- we will show the Bank that action is not negotiable.

Raise the Heat in your area

We want CommBank to see our movement everywhere they look. You can bring Raise the Heat to your area by adopting a local CommBank branch and organising (with plenty of support) actions at that branch during the week. Or if you don’t have the capacity to be a coordinator, check the map for branch teams that have already formed.

The first step is register -- don’t worry if you haven’t got all the details yet. After you register your branch, we’ll be in touch to offer our support.

Commonwealth Bank is already advising and likely to finance Adani, the Indian mining giant pushing the plans to open up the Galilee Basin and expand the Abbot Point coal port in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

Over the past 18 months, thousands of CommBank customers have left the bank in protest over their fossil fuel funding. Now is our moment to take this campaign to the next level and make sure that they don’t touch Australia’s worst new coal project.

No. It’s up to you and your branch team to decide how many actions you have capacity for from the 19-23 May. If it’s just one -that’s great, if it’s five - fantastic!
Absolutely! Registering the branch you want to run actions at is just the first step. Someone from the 350.org Australia team will get in touch soon after and help you map out what Raise the Heat could look like at your branch.
You’ll be an integral part of making Raise The Heat a huge success! With support from the 350.org national team, you’ll help shape the actions for your chosen branch, recruit people to your team and promote Raise the Heat to your community.
The 350.org Australia team will support you at every step. We’ll connect you with local volunteers, talk through the best actions for your branch and give you the graphics and social media materials you need to make sure everyone in your area hears Raise The Heat.
You can search for all CommBank branches here.
Check out the map here. If you’re still unsure, register your event anyway and we’ll get in touch if there are double-ups.
Event Information
Events start at 5/23/2015 7:00 AM

Your event description will be displayed on the website, so try to write a compelling invitation that will make people want to join. You will be able to edit it later if your plans change. (5 word minimum)
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Event Rules
Requirements for event hosts

As a Branch Coordinator you'll need to be available between now and Raise The Heat (19-23 May) to help organise and promote the actions that will take place at your branch.

The 350.org Australia team will be there every step of the way to support you.


As a Branch Coordinator I commit to:

  • organise actions that uphold the values of non-violent direct action and take all reasonable steps to ensure actions are safe, welcoming and culturally appropriate. 
  • ensure respect is shown towards Commonwealth Bank staff and customers at all times
  • stay in contact with the 350.org Australia team as I develop action details and promote my activities to my local community
Next, we'll e-mail you a link to confirm your event.