Tell Cuomo: Make New York Fossil Free

We need Governor Cuomo to be a climate leader and work towards a Fossil Free New York. It's time for him to side with New Yorkers—not with fossil fuel billionaires hurting New Yorkers and people around the world for profit. Call Cuomo now and demand:

  • A stop to all new fossil fuel projects, including the Williams Pipeline through New York Harbor.
  • A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy.
  • Total divestment from fossil fuel companies.

Call Cuomo, then tell us how it went - (877) 234-6537

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What to say:

My name is [NAME], and I live in [CITY]. I'm calling to voice my support for Governor Cuomo to work towards a Fossil Free New York. For our water, air, health and climate, I want the governor to commit to undertake a real and just transition to 100% renewable energy, to not allow any new gas plants or pipelines, and to work to divest the state's pension public funds from fossil fuel companies.  

A better New York for all of us is possible. We all deserve to lead healthy, productive lives in a state where none of us have to worry about clean air, clean water, or impending climate disasters.

Now more than ever, we need the governor to go further and be a real climate leader. Thank you.