Tell President Obama: Don't Cave on Keystone!

The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is the fuse to burning largest pool of the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet, and it must be stopped.

Right now, President Obama is considering legislation that would rush approval of the pipeline. The President had pledged to reject it, but word is leaking out that he could be about to cave.

President Obama came to office saying he would end the tyranny of oil. If he's serious about that pledge, he needs to reject legislation to build this pipeline. Keystone XL is a threat to our climate, and risks killing good jobs by continuing our addiction to oil and spilling oil in valuable farm lands.

The next few hours are crucial. Can you call President Obama's office right now:

President Obama's Office Number: 202-456-1111

Here's an idea about what you can say when you call:

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR TOWN], [YOUR STATE].

I'm calling because I know President Obama is considering handing away the Keystone XL pipeline to Big Oil in exchange for an easy deal on the payroll tax bill. I'm urging the President to seek a solution that ensures that this dirty pipeline never gets built. It threatens our climate and communities, and won't actually create jobs. We need the President to hold strong and not bargain away our climate.

Thank you.

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