Ring AIG to Stop Adani!

AIG Insurance is currently providing insurance cover to the Adani Carmichael mega coal mine in Queensland.

We need to make sure AIG Insurance knows loud and clear that New Zealanders will not stand by and let it insure one of the biggest coal mines on the planet- especially while tarnishing the reputation of our national rugby teams, including the All Blacks who wear AIG's logo on their jerseys.

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What to say:

*Please remember that the person you are speaking to is a customer service representative who does not have the power to make this decision for AIG Insurance. They might not be able to answer your questions, but it is still worth asking them and talking about why you care. The best thing you can do is speak to the person kindly and put forward a case for why AIG should drop Adani. You want to get this person on our side so that they can advocate for change from within!

Hi my name is ________. I'm calling to ask about AIG's relationship with the Adani Carmichael coal mine, and tell AIG to stop insuring the coal mine that could set us on a pathway to climate catastrophe.

Ask any of these questions that feel comfortable for you:

  • Can you tell me if AIG Insurance plans to end its insurance policy with the Adani Group?

  • I'm concerned about AIG Insurance supporting this project because the Adani coal mine would emit 4.6 billion tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, equivalent to 57 years of NZ annual emissions. How can an insurance company support a project that puts the lives of people and the environment at risk?

  • 16 other insurance companies have publicly ruled out insuring the Adani coal mine, including Axis Capital and Canopius in the past fortnight. Why is AIG Insurance still providing insurance cover to this coal mine that is risky for business and the planet?

  • AIG Insurance has the power to stop the destructive Adani coal mine from going ahead by refusing the insure the project. What will it take for AIG to do the right thing and drop its insurance cover of Adani?

  • I'm an All Blacks fan and am embarrassed that our national rugby team is associated with AIG Insurance. Last week we delivered a 35,000 strong petition to New Zealand Rugby calling for the All Blacks to drop AIG as a sponsor. Will AIG risk losing its partnership with the All Blacks for the sake of a destructive coal mine?

If the customer service representative doesn't know the answer, you can ask to speak to a manager. Try and keep them on the line as long as possible by asking more questions and telling them why you care about climate change and don't want the Adani coal project to go ahead.