Call your Representatives and tell them to endorse a Green New Deal

We need our Representatives to endorse the Green New Deal.

Representative-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced a Resolution to create a new House Select Committee on a Green New Deal charged with creating a national climate plan that meets the scale of the climate crisis.  

We have one week to get as many House members to support the Green New Deal Resolution as possible. By building Congressional support from key members, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will have to respond to our demands.

Call your Representative today to endorse the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Resolution for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.

Scroll down for the script.

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What to say:

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m calling to ask that [REP'S NAME] support a plan to stop the climate crisis that’s actually in line with what the world’s top scientists and United Nations say is necessary. That starts with them supporting Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s special committee to develop a plan for a Green New Deal bill.

Please endorse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Resolution for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.

A Green New Deal can get us off fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy over the next decade in a way that prioritizes the needs of low-income and people of color communities who have been on the frontlines of climate impacts. It can put people back to work earning a family-wage. It's a bold, progressive solution at the scale of the crisis we face.

Can [REP'S NAME] support the resolution?

Thank you.