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The Energy East tar sands pipeline would facilitate 32 million tonnes of carbon released each year – more than what Ontario has saved from phasing out coal fired power plants. 

We needs to put a strong climate test on Energy East. That means considering the upstream climate change impacts of the pipelne, not just the impacts of building and operating the project in this province. 

We can be a climate leader, but not by ignoring Energy East's real climate impacts. 

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Last week, Ontario and Quebec announced seven conditions for the Energy East pipeline – including a climate test. Now, under pressure from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are backing down on a strong climate test and refusing to consider the upstream climate change impacts that Energy East would cause.

Choosing to only review the climate impacts of pipe itself and not what's inside it is like calculating the alcoholic content of a can of beer – but just the can, not the beer inside. 

With a climate impact the same as over 7 million cars, building Energy East would effectively undo the carbon emissions stopped from Ontario's coal phase out. 

Call your Premier's Office and tell them that Energy East needs a real, strong and robust climate test.