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I want to join a shuttle bus to get there. I can help organize a bus in my community.
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Emily Page2013-04-10 02:03:01United States
Linda Buchsbaum2013-04-09 20:45:15United States
Andrea Yarger2013-04-09 20:15:51United States
Lee Buchsbaum2013-04-09 20:10:39United States
Diane Barker2013-04-09 19:31:04United States
Tony Fuller2013-04-09 19:21:14United States
Dori and Dave Bush2013-04-09 16:09:26United States
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Om2013-04-09 14:16:04United States
Zach Mills2013-04-09 03:37:32United States
Micah Parkin2013-04-09 02:38:34United States
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Glenna Benjamin2013-04-08 18:38:05United States