The science is settled. Climate change is real, carbon pollution is causing it, and it's within our power to limit the damage. It's time to wake up, Congress. We're calling on YOU to take action.


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Despite all the evidence about the reality of climate change -- despite the very real and very destructive impacts we're already seeing -- Congress has so far failed to do anything about it. They've been lulled to sleep through this crisis by polluting special interests and dirty money.

But not all politicians are rotten. A few of them are wide awake, and they're banding together to make some noise. On March 10th, a group of Senators -- we'll call them the "climate caucus" -- stayed up all night to discuss climate action.

Let's send a clear message to their colleagues: it's time for Congress to wake up to the reality of climate change, and it's past time to take action.

No more hitting that snooze button, Congress. The American people want action now.