Dear David Cameron,

Please reconsider your position on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, immediately and instead champion clean energy sources which do not risk our global climate, the natural environment and our health.


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David Cameron promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Yet through supporting hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – he is recklessly pursuing new sources of fossil fuels.

Tell David Cameron to stop supporting fracking and champion clean energy instead!


  • The French constitutional court upheld the country’s ban on fracking, effectively protecting it from future legal challenges. The French fracking ban is now absolute.

  • Not only that, but the EU parliament just passed an environmental impact test requirement for any Fracking exploration or exploration.
The momentum against fracking is building across Europe. Let's keep it going!

A dash for shale gas and oil extraction is incompatible with our responsibility to address climate change. It threatens the UK's wildlife and natural environment, and impacts the world's poorest people. It will leave our country hooked on gas, meaning our ability to meet our legally binding carbon targets will be significantly compromised. Our government's own regulator even admits that this will do nothing to reduce energy bills, a central argument being pushed by fracking proponents.

Join the call for David Cameron to put the brakes on fracking in the UK now, and put the focus back on using energy more efficiently and tapping into our greatest natural assets – wind, wave, and solar power – all of which would allow us to prosper in the long-run by providing safe, clean, and renewable energy to fuel our economy.

Hold David Cameron accountable to this promises. Let's actually make this the greenest government ever. Tell him we want to be #FrackFree.

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