To meet our climate commitments, both nationally and globally, there is absolutely no room for new coal mines. 

Yet, we're at a turning point.

The Buller District Council has just granted resource consent for Te Kuha mine, a 109 hectare coal mine on the West Coast. The department of Conservation has stated that the top 12 hectares of this mine, is “recognised as nationally and internationally unique and for having very high ecological and conservation value.”

At a time when our government is claiming that climate change is our generation's "nuclear-free moment",  and has recently said that there will be no new coal mines on conservation land, this mine must be stopped.

Minister for Conservation and Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage, has the power to stop Te Kuha mine in it's tracks. 

Call on Eugenie Sage to live up to her word, and pull the plug on this dirty and short-sighted project.

Dear Hon Eugenie Sage, 

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