Stephen Harper and Big Oil have gutted Canada’s environmental review process -- cutting people's voices and climate change out of the National Energy Board review of the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed

Harper and Big Oil know they can only build this pipeline if they ignore the facts and ignore the people. It's time for a People's Intervention. 

Over 4,000 km long, TransCanada’s Energy East project would run from Alberta to New Brunswick, and could carry over 1 million barrels of tar sands crude to the Atlantic Ocean each day. 

Changes to Canada's energy review process have all but eliminated people's ability to voice concerns about projects like Energy East and exclude climate change from consideration in deciding the fate of this pipeline. This is despite the fact that Energy East would produce up to 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year -- which is comparable to adding 7 million new cars to Canadian roads, giving Energy East a higher carbon footprint than any Atlantic province.

Fighting Energy East is crucial in stopping renegade tar sands expansion that is violating Indigenous rights, threatening frontline communities along the pipeline route, and driving dangerous climate change.

We can stop it. Tell the new National Energy Board Chair Peter Watson to include climate impacts and people's voices in the Energy East pipeline review!

Tell National Energy Board Chair Peter Watson to include climate impacts and people's voices in the Energy East review:

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