Wherever tar sands go, destruction follows.

Tar sands extraction is one of the most destructive industrial processes on earth, poisoning water, laying waste to pristine boreal forest, devastating the health of communities downstream, and threatening to send the climate crisis spinning out of control.

There's no way we want that stuff in our state, and now is the time to make sure it stays out. Ask Governor Patrick to keep tar sands crude out of our fuel. Together we can make Massachusetts a tar sands free state!

Tar sands are "game over for the climate." That famous quote is from former NASA climatologist James Hansen, and Dr. Hansen knows what he's talking about. At a time when we need to be dramatically reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions, producing oil from tar sands creates even more carbon pollution than conventional crude.

Heavy and sticky -- like, well, tar -- tar sands bitumen is also incredibly difficult to clean up when it spills, making it dangerous to transport and further threatening communities along pipeline routes throughout North America.

We can’t completely eliminate oil use overnight, but we can choose to avoid the most extreme and destructive sources of oil right now. Governor Patrick can help put Massachusetts on that path.

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