San Francisco is poised to pass a landmark resolution to divest the city's pension fund -- one of the largest pools of money the city holds -- from the top 200 fossil fuel companies. We need your help to tip the scales.

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Why divestment? Climate change is here, and it's already devastated communities across the country. From record high temperatures and severe drought to super storms like Hurricane Sandy, changes in atmospheric temperatures are continuing to threaten our health, safety and economy. Divestment sends a clear message to both fossil fuel companies and the public: it's wrong continue wreaking havoc on the global climate and wrong to profit from it.

As a coastal city surrounded by water, San Francisco is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Rises in sea-level caused by temperature increases would threaten coastal wetlands, infrastructure and property, costing the Bay Area billions of dollars.

San Francisco has committed itself to addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the San Francisco Employee’s Retirement System has over $1 billion invested in fossil fuels. If we are serious about ending climate change, then we should not be investing our city funds in oil, gas and coal companies. Instead, our funds should ensure the safety of our communities and promote renewable alternatives.

San Francisco should be making investments that are consistent with our climate change policies and that support the public good. It's time for the our pension fund to freeze and divest from fossil fuels.

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