End fossil finance! Invitation to a training in Berlin

Let's stop fossil finance together! 

Where? At Refugio, Berlin Neukölln.
When? 23-25 September. On Friday people can arrive and take part in the climate strike and/or other activities. In the evening there will be a discussion. 
Who? Anyone who wants to learn how we can shut down the coal, gas and& oil industry by targeting the finance sector! The number of participants will be limited to approx. 25-30. 

What's planned?

The fossil fuel industry is currently planning to build over 400 mega-projects, all of which would each emit more than a billion tonnes of CO2, plunging us into climate chaos for good. We will be able to stop some of these projects with direct action and  mobilisations. But we can't fight them everyone at once. That's why we have to get to the root of the problem: we have to finally cut off the money flowing to climate killers. 

If we change the rules for financing coal, oil and gas projects, the industry will have trouble getting money from banks, insurance companies and investors and will not be able to implement its plans. 

The EU is planning potential regulation for banks which could make investing in coal, oil and gas much more difficult and maybe even impossible! 

We want to explore this possibility together as part of the training and figure out how we can make sure that no more money flows into fossil projects, but instead is invested in climate justice. Together with partner organisations, 350.org will be a training from 23 - 25 September for 25-30 activists in Berlin.

At the training you will learn more about fossil finance and develop ideas to take action and put pressure on the EU in the coming months. 

The training will mainly take place in German but English translations are possible. We can cover your costs for travel, accommodation and food if needed. We encourage especially women, BiPoC, LGBTI, and neurodiverse people, as well as people without an academic background, to apply. After all - addressing inequality and oppression is a key part of tackling climate change and we know that diversity makes our movement stronger! 

Please register by 10 September and we will give you feedback on your application within a few days.


Friday: relaxed arrival, going to the climate strike in Berlin together, discussion on neocolonialism and EACOP (TBC) in the evening.

Saturday: Introduction to existing struggles to end fossil fuel financing, e.g. on the basis of Deutsche Bank and the planned mega-pipeline EACOP, as well as sessions on financial regulation and upcoming campaign moments. 

Sunday: how to put pressure on MEPs (locally), learning and practicing new tactics such as birddogging, and planning next steps.

Sign-ups for this training have now closed