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#defundTAP twitterstorm

Europe claims to have big ambitions on climate change, but the region’s fossil fuel pipeline plans suggest otherwise. And now communities in Italy, Albania and Greece are finding their homes and livelihoods under threat.

So let's turn up the volume. On Tuesday 17 October 2017 - the day before European public banks will be making decisions on billion dollar loans for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline and Southern Gas Corridor - we will start a major #DefundTAP twitter storm.

On the very same day the EBRD Board of Directors will vote on a USD 500 million loan to TANAP, and the EIB Board of Directors is expected to vote on a EUR 2 billion loan to TAP – the highest loan ever granted by the bank to a single project. An additional loan of EUR 1 billion to TANAP is to be soon discussed by the EIB.

There are so many reasons these pipelines need to be stopped. And they cannot go ahead without receiving huge loans.

It's time to amp up the pressure to #DefundTAP.

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