600 million people without electricity, shaky grids, leaky distribution lines and an outdated system of power generation. The story of India shining got a rude shock as two consecutive days of power outages gave the nation its worst ever blackout in the last decade.

Energy is the backbone of India’s economy, and it is time for us to take a stand on where we get that energy from. Relying on highly inefficient power grids and dirty and expensive fossil fuels like coal has only lead to greater environmental risks and poor energy access for millions of Indians.

It is time for an upgrade to this system. India still plans to invest heavily in building more coal-fired power plants and mine for coal that is destroying some of our last forests and displacing countless people and wildlife. Another way is possible -- and better! It’s time to invest in energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy for all.

Tell Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: India is ready for an energy upgrade.

Dear Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

It’s time for an upgrade. As we shift out of our blackout mess, let’s use this moment as a wake-up call to upgrade our energy system. We do not want more dirty, costly coal. We want clean, reliable access to electricity. Please use this moment to shift away from the plans for more coal and invest in energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy for all.


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