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Protect Our Right to Protest

Throughout history, protest has been an essential part of the fight for justice—social, racial, and climate.

Now, the UK government is attempting to pass a terrifying new Policing Bill that will infringe our human rights and silence our ability to protest. 

We’re calling on the government to immediately scrap this proposal and protect our right to freedom of expression. 

We need more power to the people, not to the police.



We call on the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Justice to scrap damaging proposals in the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill including those which:

  • Threaten freedom of expression and assembly.
  • Increase sentences and police powers aimed at restricting protestors.
  • Criminalises the way of life of the Gypsy and Traveller communities and harms access to the countryside.


Full text can be found here

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