To David Cameron

The devastating impact of recent UK floods served as a stark reminder that climate change is not a distant threat, it is happening now. As well as plugging the gap to funding for flood defences, you must also accelerate the roll out of clean power. Storm Desmond is yet more proof that we urgently need to quit climate-wrecking fossil fuels.


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2015 was a relatively flood-free year -- until Storm Desmond hit. Since December some of the worst floods in living memory have wrought havoc in the UK. Swathes of northern England, southern Scotland and Wales are underwater.

David Cameron has pledged to help people suffering in the wake of the destruction. That’s a start. But now he needs to go further.

Scientists are telling us that the UK will experience more winter storms as climate change kicks in. Five out of the 6 wettest years since records began have all occurred after the year 2000.

In this crisis moment, let’s tell David Cameron that if we’re going to protect ourselves from extreme weather, we urgently need to quit the fossil fuels that are warming our climate and accelerate the roll out of clean, renewable energy instead.