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Stop Shell’s Extinction plan

On 18 May 2021, Shell is asking its investors to approve their new "energy transition plan" at the company's annual meeting.

But that plan includes even more oil extraction and a doubling of fossil gas production in the next 10 years.

Sign this petition now to add pressure on the investors to vote against Shell’s climate-wrecking plan, and support real, green and just solutions instead.

The science is clear. We must halve global carbon emissions over the next 8 years to stand a chance of stopping the worst of climate breakdown and achieving climate justice.

BUT Shell’s "energy transition strategy" is a plan for the fossil fuel giant to pump even more oil, and double their fossil gas production up to 2030 [1]. And they are greenwashing [2] this "plan" with absurd tree planting claims, unworkable techno fixes and vague statements about "net-zero" by 2050. 

On 18 May, Shell is asking its investors to approve this plan at its Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM). 

Some investors - large pension funds, banks, investment managers - are already speaking out against Shell's "plan" [3, 4]. Let’s tell the investors who manage our savings to vote against Shell’s climate wrecking plan. Instead, they should vote for the "Follow This" resolution presented at the AGM, which includes real targets to reduce the use of fossil fuels, aligned with the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Large investors like BlackRock, Dutch pension fund ABP and Robeco will decide how to vote in the next days - and their votes might be decisive. It's up to us now to make enough noise so they know their climate reputations are on the line. 

Take action: sign this petition to ask shareholders to kill Shell's absurd "climate plan"!