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Solidarity with EACOP protesters in Uganda

On 4 October, Ugandan police arrested nine students for peacefully protesting against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). On Tuesday 25 October, they go to trial and could go to prison. 

Show them they’re not alone in their fight for a livable future.

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"I stand in solidarity with the students and all those resisting EACOP for people, nature and the climate. Stay strong. You're in our thoughts, and you're not alone!”

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On 4 October, nine Ugandan students took to a stand against an oil corporation's climate-wrecking project: Total's East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

They were arrested, and on Tuesday 25 October they go to trial. They could go to jail for peacefully protesting to protect people, nature and our climate.

We need to show the students, and the Ugandan authorities, that the world is watching. And that an international movement is standing strong and in solidarity with everyone resisting EACOP. 

Since its construction was announced, local people from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have been leading the fight against the destructive pipeline. 

Just one oil spill could be catastrophic for the people and wildlife of the region. Total’s pipeline threatens the water 40 million people depend on. It will force over 100,000 people from their land. 

The student's fight for a safe and dignified future builds on the fight communities in East Africa have been leading for years. It is the fight for a livable planet. For a clean, safe, renewable energy future. It is all our fights.

Will you stand with David Musiri, Lyazi Alex, Java Imuran, Wenani Gerald, Nkurunziza Alphonse, Kajubi Maktum, Akiso Benjamin, Akis Gonga, Lubega Nsamba and everyone else standing against EACOP? 

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