Hurricane Sandy has caused massive destruction and millions are struggling to recover. As we contribute to relief efforts, we also need to connect the dots. 

Climate change is loading the dice for extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy -- and that climate change is driven by the fossil fuel industry. Big Oil, Coal, and Gas profit from polluting our atmosphere and then spend millions to block climate solutions. If there were any poetic justice, this hurricane would be named Hurricane Chevron or Hurricane Exxon, not Hurricane Sandy. 

So, as we donate to disaster relief we’re also calling on Big Oil to do the same. We’re asking them to take the millions they’re spending to buy climate silence this election and donate it to climate relief instead. It's time to make polluters pay for the damage they help create.

Please join us by signing the petition on this page and donating to the Red Cross to support disaster relief. 

Tell the Fossil Fuel Industry:

I call on all corporate polluters to take the millions of dollars they’re spending to influence this election and donate it to Hurricane Sandy relief instead.


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