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Tell Rich Countries:

Keep Your Promises To Pay For Climate Damage!

It’s only weeks since world leaders made commitments to protect people from the devastating effects of the climate crisis at COP28.

Despite that, rich countries have already missed the first deadline they set for creating a vital fund to help poorer countries recover from climate disasters.

Will you add your name, and tell rich countries to stop squabbling and meet their commitments?

31 Jan was the deadline to nominate a board for the Loss and Damage Fund – a fund designed specifically to compensate for damages caused by the climate crisis.

This is the very first step in a long, complex process of ensuring money gets to the countries experiencing the devastation of climate impacts.

For decades the countries most impacted by climate change – and the least responsible for it – have called for justice in the form of this fund. 

Rich countries have tried to derail this vital conversation for years. But thanks to activism and leadership of our climate movement in the Global South, loss and damages have finally made it onto the COP agenda and were agreed in 2023.

Rich countries are risking delays in getting money to people suffering the worst effects of climate disasters by holding up the process. Sources on the inside said that the EU and countries including the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom are contesting the amount of seats they should get on the board. 

We don’t have time to let rich nations fight amongst themselves and delay this process any further. Sign the petition now to call on wealthy countries to stop squabbling and get to work.

After over 20,000 of us signed and helped deliver this petition we've now heard that the rich nations have *finally* stopped delaying and appointed their representatives! If you signed the petition: THANK YOU, this win was only possible thanks to you and thousands of others taking action. If you want to find more ways to take climate action, check out our website.