Tell Canada's Premiers: 

If Canada is building more pipelines, it means we're producing more tar sands oil, which means we're not keeping our climate promises. Reject any Canadian Energy Strategy that includes more tar sands development.


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From July 15-17th, Canada's premiers will meet in Newfoundland to strike a deal on a cross-Canada Energy Strategy -- and the current plan would fast-track dangerous tar sands expansion pipelines like Energy East.

We need to tell Canada's premiers that climate leadership and tar sands expansion don't mix.

Only a deal that keeps 85% of the tar sands under ground will be able to meet Canada's climate obligations. We need to be winding down pipelines, not building more of them.  

Canada can't lead on climate and dig up the tar sands. Big Oil is already planning at least five tar sands export pipelines, including the massive Energy East project, and if they get their way they'll dig up enough dirty tar sands oil to blow away Canada's climate goals.

Sign this petition to stop the fast-tracked pipeline deal, and we'll work with other groups to send a clear message that tar sands and climate action don’t mix.

Note: We initially launched this petition before Quebec hosted a provincial climate summit in April where the prospects of this fast-track deal came to light.