Now that the US has withdrawn from Paris: exemplarity, fortitude and solidarity

To the attention of Emmanuel Macron

Mr President of the Republic,

During the presidential campaign, you made your determination to take strong measures against climate change clear. You didn't hesitate to openly criticize Donald Trump.

Now that the USA has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, adopted at the end of COP21, it is time to move on from words and take action - and demonstrate exemplarity, fortitude and solidarity. To do so, we need you to make three clear decisions:

- freeze all new fossil fuel developments in France (including overseas territories)

- stop investing public resources in the fossil fuel industry (especially through the Caisse des dépôts), as stated in the motion for a low carbon society which was adopted by the National Assembly in November 2015

- end all subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, as well as all tax exonerations, in order to redirect funds to renewables and show solidarity with the most impacted countries

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Since Donald Trump has announced that the United States is backing out of the Paris Agreement, we would like to reaffirm our determination to act wherever necessary to block climate-damaging projects.

Today we are asking Emmanuel Macron to take strong measures and to show exemplarity, firmness and solidarity - at the start of his mandate, by announcing: the freeze of the development of any new fossil project, the halt of investment in the fossil fuel sector, the end of all subsidies to the fossil industry in order to redirect funding towards renewables, as well as France's solidarity with the countries most affected by climate change.

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