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Make polluters pay their fair share

We need to break free from fossil fuels.

They are unstable, prop up dictators and leave ordinary, working people exposed to price shocks. All while the companies responsible for polluting our planet and causing the climate crisis take home record profits.

That’s not right. It's time polluters paid their fair share to protect ordinary people everywhere.

Our path to freedom, peace, and a safe, liveable planet lies in clean, renewable energy.

Tell the European Parliament and our governments: make polluters pay to fund the transition to renewables.

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Taxing fossil fuel companies alone won’t solve the climate crisis. We need national governments to step up in a big way. 

But the rapid transition away from a fossil fuel-based economy must be rooted in justice. That means holding those responsible to account and making them pay their fair share to fix the problem they created.

Governments need to charge those who caused this mess, and they have many ways to do that by adopting progressive, fair policies. The levies and fees taken from taxes should go towards a just transition – e.g. helping to finance the training and infrastructure needed and improving energy efficiency and access to clean, safe, renewable power. 

We know taxing fossil fuels can end up as a tax on those with the least wealth. That’s why this demand includes a clear call for spending on a just and clean energy future for all – protecting ordinary people from taking on extra tax burdens and making those profiting from this pay their fair share.

It might sound like a big ask but political momentum is building across the world to essentially force fossil fuel companies to help fix the future! In the US, UK and EU there is a lot of excitement around the possibility of a windfall tax that could do this and the EU Council just proposed a starting point. But we need European leaders to build on this with bigger ambition so that it's not just a small temporary fix. Champions of this solution within the European Parliament are facing fierce opposition and need more public backing - so let's give it to them! 

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