Tell World Leaders to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies!

Subsidy Fail

We need real action from world leaders at Rio's Earth Summit -- starting with the issue of fossil fuel subsidies. 

This year our governments will hand nearly hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies to the coal, gas, and oil industries -- six times as much money as we invest in renewable energy.

Ending these subsidies could actually take a giant step towards solving the climate crisis, saving gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and helping make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels. 

Sign on and we'll deliver this global petition in an unforgettable way on June 18th as world leaders arrive for the "Earth Summit" in Rio. 

UPDATE #1, June 22: G8 leaders released a statement calling for a phase out of "inefficient" fossil-fuel subsidies over the medium term -- but they failed to take strong action to make good on their committment. The momentum is building, we have one month until the Rio and G20 meetings where we can finally move from talk to action. Help grow the call by forwarding this campaign to your friends!

UPDATE #2, June 5: Nearly a million people have signed on to end fossil fuel subsidies -- either with us or our fantastic partners! Our friends at Avaaz have been doing incredible work on this campaign, getting over 650,000 people signed on! Once we hit a million we'll move into Phase 2: a surround-sound effort to pressure world leaders and politicians in the lead-up to the Rio Summit. 

UPDATE #3, June 14: Over a million people have now signed on to petitions calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies -- either with or with our partners. We'll be delivering your signatures in cities around the world, and in Rio. Get involved at

UPDATE #4, June 25: The Earth Summit in Rio has come to an end -- with a fizzle, not a bang. World leaders have once again failed to deliver an agreement that has the strength or ambition we need rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. The text of the final agreement included a limp "invitation" for countries to end only "inefficient subsidies" -- but there was no definition of "inefficient" nor a timeline or accountability for phasing them out.

But there's also good news: together, people around the world have put a global spotlight on the arcane issue of fossil fuel subsidies. It's now at the center of the political debate. This movement is growing fast, and we'll be shaking things up in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned. 

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To the G20 and World Leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we urge you to honour your previous commitments to end taxpayer handouts to the fossil fuel industry. To save our planet we need a game-changer now -- we call on you to first lead by example, and then make ending all polluter payments the top global priority for the Rio Earth Summit.


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