Sign the Pledge

Take Local Action and Build Local Power

At the Peoples Climate March we came together to resist Trump’s dangerous agenda and put forward our vision to replace the fossil fuel industry with a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all. Now, we need to get to work to make that vision a reality.

The fossil fuel industry thinks it can impose its agenda from the top down. But if we organize together -- city by city, state by state -- working alongside partners for worker, immigrant, women’s rights as well as racial, economic, and climate justice -- we can transform this country from the ground up.

The best defense is a good offense. In our towns, cities, and states, we will block new fossil fuel projects, build the clean economy we need, and make polluters pay for the climate impacts their extraction has led to.

Sign this pledge and we will keep you updated about ways you can take local action as part of national and local campaigns. We will also connect you directly with nearby local 350-affiliated groups who are building power and winning huge victories in communities from coast to coast and, if there’s no nearby group, give you the tools you need to start organizing in your area and become an even bigger part of this movement.


I will resist the Trump administration’s dangerous agenda and will work with others in my community to take local action and build local power.

Together we will fight back and work towards building a 100% clean economy that works for everyone.
Hello! Unfortunately, the pledge window has closed. For opportunities to take local action, find a local 350 group in your area here: