Show your support for New York's Exxon investigation -- and make sure more states join in:

We thank NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for launching an investigation into what Exxon knew about climate change. It’s a precedent-setting case -- and he needs the full support of the public to make sure that the work goes forward. We encourage the Attorney General’s office to put all available resources into this case, so that the public can know the truth and Exxon can be held accountable. As residents of the state of NY, we fully support this investigation and hope other state law enforcement officials and other agencies will join the effort.


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Big news broke last year: Exxon knew about climate change in the 1970s. They researched it. And surprise, surprise, they’ve been lying about it ever since.

Not only did Exxon not come clean about what they found -- they've spent tens of millions of dollars over the past forty years trying to convince us all that climate change isn’t real. When that didn’t work, they said climate change isn’t that bad, and when that failed, they said, “Oh hey, it’s not our fault.”

We’re talking about what could be the largest case of fraud in human history.

It’s no secret that the fossil fuel industry is a blight on the planet. But right now, we have a chance to do real damage to Exxon, and push their shady, oil company lies out into broad daylight. If we can shine a light on this case of blatant fraud, we'll be one step closer to dismantling the power of an industry that's still recklessly -- and knowingly -- driving the climate crisis.

New York’s Schneiderman was the first Attorney General to understand the importance of these revelations and launched the first investigation into Exxon. California now says it’s looking into the case. But they need other states involved too, just as they were with the tobacco investigations.

Next week, the National Association of Attorney Generals is meeting in DC, and we want to send AG Schneiderman there with as much support as we can. A huge groundswell of support in New York will help get more states on board -- and ensure that the AG’s office keeps up the pressure.

So please, join the call: Exxon’s day in court has come -- they need to tell the truth in court, and face the consequences of their lies and fraud.