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Support Green New Deal in Bangladesh

In 2021, we have ambitious plans to build a movement for a Green New Deal in Bangladesh. We need your help in demanding the government to cancel all proposed and existing coal plant projects. 

Together, we can push the country to move towards a 100% renewable energy system by 2050.

A Green New Deal For Bangladesh must exclude gas. 

The Power Ministry’s recent proposal to cancel coal plants is long overdue and a positive step towards an efficient energy system for Bangladesh. But switching from coal to LNG will keep the status quo. Emissions from natural gas are the same as coal. Instead of switching from coal to gas to renewable energy, Bangladesh can make a just transition to renewable energy.

To keep global temperatures within 1.5-degree Celsius, any plans to build new fossil fuel infrastructure must be canceled. Coal and LNG should be kept out of any future energy master plan. The government must revoke approvals of the proposed construction of new coal-plants or ones that have exceeded the contract period. Most of these coal plants will not be made by 2025. In order to reduce power and energy emissions to zero by 2050, we must transition to 100% renewable energy by shutting down all fossil fuel-based power plants.

Bangladesh needs to take immediate and effective steps to seriously address the climate breakdown risks and move towards a 100% renewable energy system by 2050. 

Sign up to show your support for a Green New Deal in Bangladesh and be in the loop to learn more about how you can get involved. Everyone in Bangladesh has a role to play in the movement. Over the next six months, we will ramp up the pressure by holding mass mobilisations, Green New Deal art workshops, petition deliveries, skill-share sessions, and online meetings.

A Green New Deal For Bangladesh must exclude gas. 

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