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Canada Is On Fire:

Tell Trudeau to Stop Funding Climate Chaos

Canada is in the middle of the worst wildfire season on record. Communities are being evacuated from coast to coast and millions are facing unprecedented wildfire smoke and dangerous air quality.

Trudeau claims to care, but his government continues to make the problem worse. While fires rage across the country, Canada is funnelling billions of taxpayer dollars into the oil and gas industry that's fuelling the climate crisis.

It’s time to end all public funding to Big Oil.

Take action today and tell the federal government to stop using our public dollars to finance climate chaos.


Dear Prime Minister and Ministers, it’s time for Canada to end all public funding to Big Oil.

We are in a climate emergency. I am urging you to live up to your promises and put Canada on a path to a healthier, more resilient and more equitable future.

This is the critical decade for climate action. We must cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. We have the tools we need to make this happen, but oil and gas companies are standing in the way, and using their lobbying and influence to trade the health and safety of families for their short term profit. The industry isn’t interested in climate solutions – they’re just greenwashing their way to continue producing fossil fuels for decades to come. 

We need strong rules that limit pollution and ongoing harm caused by the sector, like a cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector. We must end all fossil fuel subsidies, without exception, and reject false solutions, including fossil hydrogen, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and offsets. It’s time to put the interest of people in Canada ahead of the narrow self-interest of oil and gas companies. 

I urge you to:

  • Eliminate all subsidies, public financing, and other fiscal supports provided to the oil and gas sector, including financial support provided through Export Development Canada - without any loopholes.
  • Reject false solutions to the climate crisis, including carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), fossil hydrogen, and offsets.
  • Uphold the polluter pays principle. Polluters must also be held accountable for their harm to the land, water and climate, especially for their disproportionate harm to Indigenous, racialized and low-income communities. 
  • Spend what it takes on reliable, proven climate solutions, including building out 100% renewable energy grids, electrifying everything, and investments into making our homes, buildings and industries more energy efficient. 
  • Stop approving new oil and gas projects. 
  • Put a strong and fair cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector. In order to be an effective tool, the emissions cap must drive down oil and gas emissions at the pace and scale needed to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees - without any loopholes or delays. 
  • Ensure energy modeling is in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. 
  • Put strong regulations in place to end methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.
  • Uphold the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including ensuring free, prior and informed consent from Indigenous communities on energy and climate policy and projects.

This is a critical moment for your government. Stop subsidizing oil and gas and start implementing strong regulations to ensure oil and gas companies do their fair share. Invest in the pathway to zero emissions and a climate-safe future. 

This petition is part of a collaborative campaign with Environmental Defence, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Council of Canadians and other allies.

Dear Prime Minister and Ministers, it’s time for Canada to end all public funding to Big Oil.

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