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Stop polluting our neighborhoods and attacking solar power. Respect our right to choose clean energy for ourselves.


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Duke Energy, the largest electric power company in the U.S., is waging a misinformation campaign to attack solar power in its service territories across the Southern states.

We're not going to let their dirty tactics threaten our future and undermine the progress we've made on renewable energy.

But this isn't just about solar. Recently, a power plant owned by Duke spilled 35 million gallons of toxic coal-ash slurry into North Carolina's Dan River. Coal ash contains arsenic, lead, and other carcinogenic heavy metals -- and is extremely hard to clean up. In Florida, Duke’s Crystal River power plant spews sulfur dioxide and mercury into the air, which are known to trigger asthma attacks and contribute to cancer. All along the Gulf Coast, people are feeling the impacts of climate change: bigger and more frequent storms, rising sea levels, and devastated marine ecosystems. 

This is what it means to be tied to dirty energy. Our communities can't afford polluted water, poisoned air, and a changing climate.

Yet Duke is trying to block the growth of clean, renewable power, because it threatens their profits. The majority of Duke’s energy portfolio comes from dirty energy sources, with less than 0.1% provided by solar power. While other parts of the country are growing their clean energy economies, states like Florida and North Carolina are lagging behind.

Duke and its powerful utility lobby want to deny us the freedom to choose which sources of energy we should use –- clean vs. dirty -- regardless of whether it’s the right choice for our future. But if enough of us stand up for clean energy expansion, we can break open Duke’s stranglehold on our energy choices and secure a healthy clean energy economy for all! is proud to partner on this campaign with Click here to learn more about Presente's campaign and to watch the Dirty Duke video.