To Commonwealth Bank's CEO Ian Narev:

A Right to Information request has confirmed that CommBank provided Adani with modelling for its Galilee coal project. According to Queensland Treasury, this project is unbankable. According to the climate science, this coal is unburnable. It's time for CommBank to join the world's largest banks in ruling out involvement in this unburnable, unbankable project once and for all. Your bank will face unrelenting community pressure until you do so


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New information confirms what we suspected all along -- the Commonwealth Bank has been helping Indian mining giant Adani with its plans to dig up vast stores of coal from the Galilee Basin and ship that coal across our precious Great Barrier Reef.

This comes after months of CommBank refusing to comment on its involvement in this ridiculous project and shutting out the concerns of the community and its own customers. As CommBank gives Adani a helping hand, 11 of the world’s largest banks have backed away from this climate and reef disaster for good.

Whilst it’s undeniable that CommBank has its fingerprints on this climate bomb, it's also undeniable that Galilee coal is simply unburnable and unbankable.

According to the former QLD Treasury department, this project is financially unviable. According to the climate science, Galilee coal can never be safely burned. This makes it all the more outrageous that Australia’s oldest and largest bank would even consider touching it.  

Tell CommBank’s CEO Ian Narev that the case for canning this climate catastrophe has never been clearer - tell him to get his Bank out of Adani's Galilee coal project today!