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Since 2002 Negros has demonstrated that communities can take the renewable energy route and challenge the will of the coal industry in a succession of victories against proposed energy projects.

SMC Power Holdings threatens to derail this record with its new 300 megawatt coal power project in San Carlos City.

Together we can move Negros towards a  low-carbon future by asking the the Provincial Board to declare Negros Occidental a model province for clean and renewable energy — to seal, once and for all the decades long people's struggle against dirty energy development in the province.

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To: Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Negros Occidental

To significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we need to cut our reliance on fossil fuels and start investing on clean, safe and renewable energy. 

Thus, we call on our provincial leaders, particularly the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, to pass and implement the Negros Occidental Renewable Energy Ordinance of 2019. 

The proposed ordinance says that the province, in a pursuit to be a model province for renewable energy, shall promote renewable energy plans designating the Provincial Renewable Energy Council (PREC) as the lead agency for policy development, regulation and direction. There shall be an allocated renewable energy fund, which shall be used for research on possible renewable energy projects. Additionally, there shall be consistent awareness campaigns. Furthermore, there shall be reclassifying and rezoning of potential areas for the development of renewable energy projects, incentives to host communities and green tax incentives.

With these initiatives, we believe that we will be setting up the landscape of the Province for future sustainable development. This will also encourage RE investments since it allows the local government units to take the lead in regulating and encouraging RE expansions. It also allows the province to widen countryside development in terms of being clean energy sufficient, of being clean energy dependent, and to be an exporter of clean energy. This in turn will also translate to economic, social, and community development all over the province.

Together, hand-in-hand, shoulder-to shoulder, we can address the multiple challenges of the climate crisis if we push for the renewable shift. Negros, it is time to REpower!

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