Clinton: Save the Rio Earth Summit!

An agreement to end fossil fuel subsidies at the Rio+20 Earth Summit hangs in the balance.

Thanks to the groundswell of support from people around the world, there's a proposal to end these polluter handouts on the table. But the current text has been fatally weakened by oil exporting countries.

Secretary Clinton arrives in Rio today and has the power to strengthen the text, as well as use her big speech at the summit to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to ending these subsidies.

Bill McKibben and our crew in Rio have just 48 hours left to deliver our voices directly to Clinton and her team of negotiators. Please add your signature to this petition and forward widely.  

UPDATE, June 25th: 

The Earth Summit in Rio has come to an end -- with a fizzle, not a bang. World leaders have once again failed to deliver an agreement that has the strength or ambition we need rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. The text of the final agreement included a limp "invitation" for countries to end only "inefficient subsidies" -- but there was no definition of "inefficient" nor a timeline or accountability for phasing them out.

But there's also good news: together, people around the world have put a global spotlight on the arcane issue of fossil fuel subsidies. It's now at the center of the political debate. This movement is growing fast, and we'll be shaking things up in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned. 

Tell Secretary of State Clinton:

"We call on you to strengthen an agreement to end fossil fuel subsidies at the Rio Summit. The text currently on the table has no commitments, timelines or enforcement mechanisms, just an “invitation” for countries to end polluter handouts. President Obama has expressed his support for ending fossil fuel subsidies. We urge you to move this agenda forward at Rio by delivering a real deal to end fossil fuel subsidies. "


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