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Tell President Biden: No drilling on public lands

At the start of his presidency, President Biden vowed to make climate a top priority.

President Biden needs to keep his promises and rise to the challenge of the moment – that starts with banning drilling on federal lands.

Send a message to President Biden now calling on him to stop all drilling on federal lands and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Dear President Biden,

You promised to address the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves, and at COP26, you assured the world that your plans to cut emissions were more than words. Selling off more than 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas development just days after the international climate talks makes a mockery of those commitments.

In Glasgow, you promised a return of American leadership on action against the climate crisis, pledging to halve greenhouse emissions by 2050. If you go through with this sale, you’ll be betraying your promise.

There is still time to keep your promise to end new leases on public lands and waters and address environmental racism. Reversing course on the climate crisis must start here, and it must start now. Please utilize your existing authority and stop all new oil and gas leases on federal lands. 

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