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I’m Nicole, the editor of this new fortnightly email. I care about climate justice and our planet. And that's why, like you, I'm part of this incredible Fossil Free movement.

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So, starting today, twice a month I’ll be sharing an easily digestible round-up of what matters most to this Fossil Free movement -- an insider’s look into the top stories that give us hope, and inspire us to keep going.

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It’s official – Ireland has become the world’s first nation to commit to divest fully from fossil fuels! The bill is expected to become law by the end of the year, and Ireland’s €8bn sovereign fund will start ditching all its oil, coal and gas assets. 

Big kudos also to Costa Rica -- they have banned all fossil fuels in a country that already gets 99% of its energy from renewable sources.

Speaking at the Vatican, Pope Francis called on the climate movement to exert ‘citizen pressure’ ahead of a Global Climate Summit this September. Read the Pope's call for people power on September 8

In Ukraine, Zhytomyr became the first Eastern European city to commit to go 100% renewable. Local groups are working closely with the mayor to develop a roadmap and robust plan to get there. 

In the Philippines, a parish community came together in a bold stand against coal. They’re powering their church with solar instead

In Europe, summertime creates opportunities for massive direct action against fossil fuel infrastructure. Hear what it's like taking part from a few of the people at this year's Czech Republic climate camp, where people came together to block coal infrastructure. And it's not the only place - climate camps and mass blockades of fracking and pipeline sites are happening across Europe this summer, everywhere from Lancashire in the UK to Poland, Germany and Italy. Resistance is fertile. 


I sat down with a new Japanese 350 organizer who’s helping build a ballooning divestment campaign in Japan, thanks to her killer vegan potlucks and community organizing in Tokyo.  Take a listen: 


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How inspiring is this young woman? Imagine how much sooner we'd build a Fossil Free world if more people like her were our world leaders. She's helping organise the #ZeroHour youth climate marches happening across the US this weekend. 


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