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In Rio de Janeiro, people stage a die-in in solidarity with George Floyd and to condemn police violence against Black communities in Brazil. Photo: midianinja on Instagram

Global resistance: From Minneapolis to Melbourne, from Lagos to London, historic protests in defence of Black lives have swept cities across the globe. The movement shows no signs of slowing, with more actions planned for Juneteenth, which commemorates the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S this Friday. The demands to defund the police in favour of investing in Black communities have seen radical progress – and it’s sparking serious reckoning with colonialist legacies and systemic racism everywhere. Read more

We know the climate crisis is inextricably linked to racism. Black communities and communities of colour face the worst impacts of climate breakdown all over the world, from extreme storms to crop failures, and disproportionately live and work in polluted ‘sacrifice zones’ on the frontlines of extraction.

It’s so important for white and non-Black people of colour climate activists to educate ourselves on the links, and how to show up in solidarity. Here’s a first step: read and sign the Pledge in Defence of Black Life to commit to action. 

Sign the Pledge

Looking for more resources? Try this online workshop on dismantling white supremacy, this thought piece which links fossil fuel divestment to calls to defund the police, or this appeal from 350 Europe on ways white Europeans can centre racial justice in their climate work.

In Case You Missed It 

Our money, our future: Politicians are still in the thick of big decisions on how to spend economic recovery and stimulus packages to recover from coronavirus – and groups around the world are seizing the moment for change.

Calls for debt cancellation and reparations are ringing out to aid countries without the funds to tackle COVID. In Canada, people are flooding a government consultation to drown out the influence of fossil fuel companies, banks, and big corporations. In the UK, there’s a new proposal to cushion and retrain aviation sector workers for lower-carbon work, and limit payouts to executives. And as Japanese megabanks hold their annual general meetings this week, people are urging them to quit coal lending and fund climate solutions for green jobs and a Just Recovery.

Clean Air for Adana:
More than 20 organisations are demanding Chinese banks withdraw financial support to the Hunutlu coal-fired power plant, being built in Iskenderun Bay in Turkey. Activists charge that pollution from the plant will hurt local farming and protected sea turtle’s nesting grounds, while bringing little economic benefit to local communities. Read more

Activists from DeCOALonise in Kenya launched the first webinar of the series. Photo: 350 Africa

Afrika Vuka:
A virtual caravan is now “touring” the African continent, with webinars every two weeks to spotlight iconic local fights against the fossil fuel industry. Last week, organisers from "Bargny Dit Non Au Carbon" (Bargny says no to coal) shared how they’re resisting a devastating coal plant in Senegal. Next week, organisers from GROC in Ghana show their push to make the government commit to renewable energy targets. It runs until August 6, and anyone can tune in. Learn more

One to Watch

Care work is climate work. In this 7-minute short film from The Leap, filmed just before COVID-19 hit, Naomi Klein takes a look inside the lives of people doing the essential care work that keeps us all going. These are exactly the kinds of green, low-carbon jobs that must be prioritised in a Just Recovery – regenerative, resilience-building, and non-extractive.

Use Your Power 

In this on-point video, hear from 350 organiser, Dominique Thomas, about why all climate activists must stand with the movement for Black Lives right now – and why it’s crucial for a genuine Just Recovery. It’s filled with things you can do to support the movement right now. Here’s one: share the video with your circles to help show your solidarity and educate your friends and family.


That’s all the global news for now. Before you go though, I need to ask for your support.

The COVID pandemic is exposing many systems of injustice all at once – but it has also shown us that we can change. This is a time to be bold in charting a new path. It’s why we’re committed to fighting for a Just Recovery that puts workers and communities first – not corporations and the fossil fuel industry.

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