U.S. Bank claims to take climate change seriously, yet they continue to provide billions of dollars in financing to the fossil fuel industry, including extensive financing for Enbridge Energy, the company behind the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline.

350MN and allies aren't going to stand quietly by -- they're seeking a meeting with officials at U.S. Bank's Minneapolis headquarters, to talk about how their current business practices threaten our climate, water, and communities.

That's where you come in: You can help the coalition get a meeting with bank officials and hold them accountable.

U.S. Bank needs to stop financing the tar sands, coal, and fracking industries, as well as energy and mining operations that negatively impact Indigenous peoples. Instead, we're asking them to fund and support the just transition to a renewable energy economy.

Right now, fossil fuel companies and risky oil and gas extraction projects are losing money. That means we have a real opportunity to hit them where it hurts -- the financing.

Meanwhile, banks are in a unique position to help stall fossil fuel extraction and speed up the transition to a renewable energy economy. How fast we can make that transition is going to be key, and we need banks to be putting their resources in the right projects and industries, not digging us deeper into a hole.

Time for us all to be investing in solutions -- not pollution and pipelines.

Tell U.S. Bank officials to fund solutions, not pollution!

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