On April 9th, a group of 19 students with Fossil Free Yale were arrested for refusing to leave a university building.

Their sit-in is part of a wave of escalated, nonviolent direct action this spring, to demand that universities divest from the companies driving the climate crisis and reinvest in just solutions. Take a look at what students are doing to turn up the heat around the country:

For years we’ve pushed our universities to divest, arguing that if it’s wrong to wreck the planet, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage. Over 205 institutions have joined the call, including universities from Stanford to Sydney, the Rockefellers' family foundation, the Guardian Media Group, and more.

These students are not acting alone -- far from it. Will you send them a message of solidarity?

Send a message of solidarity to students sitting in, and let university administrators know that they're not standing alone. We'll make sure both activstis and administrators get your message. Feel free to make it your own:

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