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Tar sands are the most polluting and extreme form of oil extraction. Right now, there are three major tar sands pipelines on the table that if built, would send our climate past a tipping point. Line 3 is one of them. 

The Line 3 in the Great Lakes region would bring tar sands from Alberta, Canada to market -- violating Indigenous rights and dramatically increasing production at a time when we must transition to 100% renewables.

It’s up to us to stop these pipelines – submit a public comment to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission urging them to include a cultural survey in their impact statement and reject the project. 

The Commission just completed a new Environmental Impact Statement, but it's missing a Traditional Cultural Properties Survey, despite the fact that five Indigenous Nations have repeatedly asked for its inclusion. 

This pipeline would be a catastrophe for Indigenous rights, clean water, and the climate. It would put wild rice, lakes, and rivers at risk and lead to billions of dollars in damages from climate change. When decision day comes, with full information at hand, the PUC should say no to this dangerous project. 

This is the last opportunity for the public to weigh in on Line 3, prior to the PUC’s decision on the permits this June. Thanks for adding your voice!

To the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission:

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