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Tell Congress: Climate Denial is Deadly

Dozens of lives lost. Millions without power. Thousands homeless. These are just some of the ways we can count the cost of climate denial. Climate change alone didn't cause Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, or the wildfires out west, but it certainly made them worse and more destructive. 

These disasters are a wake up call. It's up to us to make them a turning point. It's time our politicians acknowledge that these hurricanes are climate change-related disasters. We need leadership, not denial. That means leaders who will commit to a 100% clean energy economy, and no new fossil fuel projects.

We need every leader to condemn climate denial, and connect the dots between these hurricanes and climate change. Tell your Members of Congress to speak out, and we'll deliver your message in person to their offices. 

The poor, people of color and other vulnerable communities are being hit hardest by these monstrous hurricanes and climate change. This is the time to talk about climate change, and take action. 

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