In September, heads of state are going to New York City for a historic summit on climate change. With our future on the line, we will take a weekend and use it to bend the course of history.

To make this moment count, we need to act -- together. All around the world, people will be coming together for a weekend of historic action on climate change. Our collective demand is for Action, Not Words: take the action necessary to create a world with an economy that works for people and the planet. 

From divestment actions in Europe to marches against coal in India and anti-fracking meetups in Latin America, we will be shedding light on featured campaigns and local struggles across the planet.


Organize an event in your community and join the weekend of action

Think of this weekend as a chance to combine efforts with others in your community, because we need to show the New York City summit attendees our strength in numbers. You can organize marches, rallies, workshops, take a group photo from an iconic site -- it's up to you. What is really important is to tell the world that it's time for Action, Not Words on climate change.

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A public event in Jakarta to engage people, build support, and increase awareness on the ongoing coal campaign struggles in the communities of Indonesia, challenging the newly elected President to move pass coal.

Coal mining and coal-fired power plants are big issues in East Asia. Being in the front line of climate change, the communities here not only struggle with extreme weather events that have caused huge damages to the people’s lives and local economies, but also suffer from other issues related to coal: health, pollution, food security, social injustice etc. As most of the countries are developing countries, the governments still see coal as the cheapest solution to their energy needs.

To join with millions of global people in the People’s Climate March (PCM) on September 21 to confront the power of fossil fuels, and to shift power to a just, safe, peaceful world, East Asia will organize actions across the region to bring up these survival issues to the public awareness and call to the governments to stop coal for the benefits of the people. Indonesia has been identified as the key country of coal-related struggles, as it is the world’s biggest coal exporter, with 383 million tons of coal exported in 2012, going to most of the countries in the region (China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand). In addition to that, the new President of Indonesia will be officially inaugurated in October, so and its partners will organize an action day in September to get his attention and influence his opinion on the coal issue.

We are organizing several activities in the lead-up to September 21 which includes social media training, media briefing, exposure trips, dialogues, consultations, and others. With these, we dream of winning over the tyranny of the dirty industry and because we believe that the key of winning is by working together, we want to engage with you and learn how we can creatively support and strengthen ongoing grassroots campaigns in order to:

  • Remind the urgency for real action on the ongoing climate crisis through highlighting grassroots struggles and stories.

  • Bring momentum to the regional coal campaign, through empowering and supporting communities, and increasing network support against coal across the region.

  • Engage broad networks for coal narratives (e.g. food not coal) and adding value or support in ongoing coal campaigns.

In addition to the event in Indonesia, solidarity events in the region will be supported on the same day, and could be in various creative forms (rallies, activists workshop, art performance and installations etc), all with the same message.

No matter where you are in East Asia, join us in this amazing mobilization. You can always organize your own event or activity in your university, community: Screen our videos, organize workshop on climate campaigning, start a social media campaign, launch a small renewable energy project for community etc. Tell us about your plan and how we can help. Don't forget to document your event and send us your materials. You can also use #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content -- we’ll be tracking the hashtag. Visit us on, like us on and be part of one of the largest global mobilization for climate justice.

The activities in six countries in Africa focus on various issue including impacts of climate change, adaptation, forestry, fossil fuels and mitigation. The actions are as follows: 

Climate disruptions are multiplying, affecting the poorest populations of the global South. Join us as we hear testimonials of how people are coping with climate change.

To say that the adverse effects of climate change manifested by prolonged droughts, shifting seasons, rising sea water levels, flooding and the emergent issue of environmental refugees and diseases have compromised Nigeria’s quest for sustainable development and poverty reduction aspirations is to state the obvious. However, awareness levels on climate change amongst rural communities in Nigeria remains abysmally low due to the clear absence of enlightenment programmes and awareness activities created and crafted in local languages to drive enhanced understanding.

It is against this background that the Climate Change Village Concept is being proposed to bridge the disconnect as the attendant consequences of ignorance, general public misunderstanding of both the science and the policy implications of climate change will be too grievous for the populace especially the rural communities who are most vulnerable.

Location: A village in Ogori/Magongo LGA of Kogi state, North-Central Nigeria

Time: 10:00hrs – 19:00hrs

Photographers and local interpreters will visit the local community where the team will interview different classes of people ranging from farmers, fishermen, traders, hunters, forest guards, women and youth groups to cooperatives in order to identify how the community had been coping in the past with respect to rainfall, planting seasons, fishing, weather or forestry. Noting these changes it can then be determined how this has impacted your family life as livelihoods. .  

Join us for an open youth gathering to raise awareness and demand for more fulfillments of commitments made in Ghana

350 G-ROC (Ghana Reducing Our Carbon) is an informal network of youth-based grassroots movements or organisations (and some individuals) primarily focused on championing the need to reduce Ghana’s carbon emissions as a key effort in combating climate change.The open youth gathering event is to raise awareness and demanding for more effort in the fulfilment of commitments around mitigations and adaptation mechanisms – more specifically, abolishment of plans to establish coal-fired plant in Ghana.

The event will amplify the role of youth in promoting and ensuring that world leaders honour their pledges in the fight against climate change, create awareness on clean/renewable energy as climate friendly options, call on government to expedite action on climate change and demand for actions in line with the mitigation and adaptation mechanisms.

Date: Saturday, 20th September 2014

A concert delivering messages on renewable energy and a march calling for the protection of natural resources especially in the Virunga National Park and Lake Kivu
A rally to showcase the solutions to climate impacts
Bike rally to take back the roads and promote cycling as an eco-friendly and low carbon mode of transport

In Johannesburg we are planning a protest (involving a symbolic action) that will lead to an acoustic concert, where local poets and artist will encourage the audience to take action against climate change, on a personal capacity and lead by example.

Energy and water are two of the main issues of concern, when it comes to climate change issues here in South Africa. Due to a huge demand for energy in South Africa and other parts of Africa, the energy utility and mining companies in South Africa attempt to fulfill this demand by generating and producing this energy through coal mining and coal fired power plants, which not only pollutes the environment, but also uses a notable amount of water, which is a scarce resource in South Africa.

Check this link to see the dangers of coal power plants in South Africa, and how they are killing people.

We are planning to bring all relevant stakeholders, who are interested in Climate Justice issues, together to create awareness around Climate Change, with its focus on Energy and Water issues in South Africa. To achieve this, we are excited to launch a few light-weight pre-actions that will lead to a bigger campaign on 20th of September.

The main campaign (on 20th of September) will have two parts to it:

  • A protest (and a possible symbolic action) that will lead to:
  • An acoustic/unplugged music night

Purpose of our campaign is to encourage individuals to take action on a personal capacity, and lead by example, so local and world leaders can learn from. These actions could be small actions that can build a bigger picture of fight against climate change.

Invite your friends to join us for this event so we can collectively fight climate change, and inform the global community how coal power plants can kill our future.

Egypt: Workshops on community energy and public events to oppose coal and promote alternative and sustainable energy models

Jordan: Sustainable transport campaign, bike ride through the capital

On September 21, thousands of Australians will turn out for one of Australia’s largest climate marches ever. Tens of thousands of people will hit the streets in Melbourne, accompanied by thousands more in cities and towns across the country.

On September 21, tens of thousands of Australians will hit the streets of Melbourne, together with thousands more in cities and towns across Australia, as part of the world’s largest People’s Climate March. Our message is simple - Action, Not Words - it’s time for Australia to get out of the way of real climate action, to say no to new fossil fuel expansion and to protect and grow our renewable energy sector.

But it doesn’t end here. When you join us on September 21, we’ll also ask you to pledge to help Action win over Words by committing to exercise your political, consumer and grassroots power in a number of exciting ways. Stay tuned for more updates but in the meantime RSVP for an event near you or register your own event.


Action Not Words: Don’t vote for rural barons! Besides not voting for rural barons (ruralistas) in the elections in October, join us in a series of actions to connect the dots between climate change and agribusiness. You can host a presentation in your community, start a community organic garden, label food rich in climate change, send selfies with the message #NãoVoteEmRurali$ta (#DontVoteForRuralBaron) and much more.

Read more (in Portuguese)

Deutsch | Nederlands | Svenska

Join us on 19/ 20 September to demand climate leadership. Organise an eye-catching action calling on your university, town hall or faith institution to divest from fossil fuels.

We’re all part of institutions that continue to invest in fossil fuel companies, despite knowing they plan to burn 5 times more oil, coal and gas than they need to wreck the climate.  It’s time for world leaders and our local institutions to stand up to this rogue industry and start popping the carbon bubble (ie. investments in unburnable carbon reserves).   

That’s why all across Europe, a new divestment movement has been pushing church leaders, universities, city councils, medical institutions and pension funds to break their financial and reputational ties with this industry. By divesting from fossil fuel companies, our institutions can show real climate leadership. Together we can start dismantling the power and influence fossil fuel companies have enjoyed for so many years and shift Europe towards climate action and solutions.

As world leaders gather at the climate summit in New York, let’s send a strong message from Europe that we want real climate leaders - and that means cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry - divestment now!

Organise a divestment event on 19th or 20th September at your university, city or church and send us a photo. We will bring your photos along with pictures from people around the world demanding action on climate change to the People’s Climate March in New York on 21st September.

Here are some ideas of how you can demand divestment:


Carbon bubble volleyball


Arrange a game of ‘carbon bubble volleyball’ outside the main entrance of your institution. The world is inflating a carbon bubble by continuing to invest in fossil fuels we’ll never be able to burn.  Why not stage a volleyball game between your institution and the fossil fuel industry to highlight how crazy this is?


Frame your demands


Create a stunning photo petition by asking the public to demand divestment by posing for photos in your frame. Don’t forget to collect their details and add it to your online petition later on. Can you think of a creative way you could deliver the petition or a letter detailing your demands to your institution to make the campaign highly visible?



Take a crazy picture of yourself or your group shouting out for fossil freedom and share it using the #fossilfree hashtag!


UEA hand-in Valentine's cards to VC with banners.jpg


Pop the carbon bubble

Know how much your institution invests in fossil fuel companies? Write it on a giant balloon, fill it with fake money and invite a representative to ‘pop’ the bubble somewhere public to highlight how much is at stake!   Or even better, how about invading an iconic location with human sized carbon bubbles like these Oxford students did?

  • Want to find out more about divestment and the carbon bubble? Visit

  • Organise plans for your carbon bubble action - get people committed to taking action, divide responsibilities among the group, set up communication tools, keep your team motivated and ready for 20 September!

  • Find the Fossil Free campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

  • You can use #fossilfree #divest and #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content - we’ll be tracking the hashtags.

Don’t forget to document your event and send us your materials!

Organising a peoples march with 1000-1500 people on the streets of New Delhi calling on the new Government in power to transition away from coal and act with utmost urgency on climate change and its devastating impacts on India.

Climate change is having a serious impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of vulnerable citizens across India. The unseasonal hailstorms, erratic monsoon patterns, heat waves, flooding, droughts and other extreme weather events exaggerated by climate change are being witnessed with increasing frequency and severity. While it is beyond dispute that global warming caused by excessive use of fossil fuels is the force behind of extreme weather events, India has failed to act on safeguarding her people to the perils of climate change.

By continuing to depend on coal, for instance, India is not just contributing further to global warming but endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions. Coal as a fuel has run its course in bringing economic growth but the 21st century now needs cleaner, renewable sources of energy to bring sustainable development.

The new Government in India can turn the tide of history and lead a new development pathway that puts its people first before the profits of a few corporations.

    • Here why coal is not an energy option for India any more:


    • This is a recent video from NDTV on India’s power crisis:


    • Here is an article on extreme weather and its impacts on India


  • Here is a very recent article by India’s lead climate negotiator from the previous Government Shyam Saran on why India should transition to renewable energy swiftly


Organize a meetup in preparation for the Global Frackdown on October 11. Get your friends together, organize a discussion about how fracking threatens your community and get ready for Global Frackdown!

We want a world that develops sustainable economies to meet the needs of communities everywhere. Unfortunately the influence of the fracking industry has governments and economic institutions in Latin America under their control, which results in constant opening of new blocks in agricultural areas, indigenous lands, watersheds and other spaces where communities are highly impacted. This means that we need to create the cultural and political conditions that will enable governments to stand up to the fracking industry and take bold action on climate change.

We need to mobilise people on climate change in a way that builds people power. Only when politicians/governments feel that there are political consequences to not taking climate change seriously, will they act. Together we will lay the foundation for movement that will free Latin America from fracking.

Get your friends together, host a meetup in preparation for the Global Frackdown on October 11 and hold a discussion about the issue. You can screen videos, hold Q&A’s sessions, organize a debate, and create groups who’ll be taking action on October as part of a global mobilisation against fracking.

Don’t forget to document your event and send us your materials!

  • Here is an amazing video which explains the dangers of fracking. You can screen it during your meetup and discuss with the group:

  • Organize plans for Global Frackdown -- get people committed to take action, divide responsibilities among the group, set up communication tools, keep your team motivated and ready for the global activity!

You can also use #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content -- we’ll be tracking the hashtag.

During the PCM and Ban Ki Moon Summit, Pacific Climate Warriors across 14 Pacific Islands will be preparing for their journey to Australia. On this day, they will gather local supporters for photos and rallies, using the traditional canoes that they have built to carry a powerful message from the Islands on climate change: Action to Protect the Pacific; Not words!

In the Pacific Islands we will launch a photo project with the canoes that our Warriors have built for the journey and events in Australia.  The canoes will be put on display or taken on tour to different villages where the community will have an opportunity to take photos with it and give it a "send off" as it carries the hope of climate justice for the Pacific Island it will represent.  We will have banners that will tour with the canoes that will say how the Pacific Warriors journey is in solidarity with the PCM.

Some of our Islands will also organise PCM solidarity marches in the Islands which we will record and photograph and send through to our friends in New York.  The teams will also create PCM banners for the marches and will arrange other local events in addition to the march in support.  These may be rallies, community workshop events and outreach to schools and church groups.

Find out more about the Pacific Climate Warrior campaign at, and sign the pledge to stand with the warriors here.

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