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Fracking: Let Communities Decide

Fracking protest in Cambridge - Let Communities Decide

Sunday, October 14, 12:00 PM
Burleigh Street, Cambridge, CB1
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Can you spot the difference between a fracking rig and a garden shed? Because it seems that the government can't. They want to change the law so that fracking rigs will be considered 'permitted development' and they won't need planning permission. The 'permitted development' law was meant for fences and garden sheds, not drilling rigs. This change would deny communities and local councils any say over whether fracking happens on their doorsteps. We are going to build a fracking rig and a garden shed in the street and then ask passersby if they can spot the difference. (We suspect that they will be able to.) We'll be talking to people about the government's plans to change the law and explaining what they can do if they object. Please come and join us! The event will be fun, peaceful and very family friendly - I'm bringing both my kids and my dog! Bring your kids because it's their future we are seeking to protect! Bring your grandma because Nanas rock! Chance to join in drama, craft, giving out leaflets, sitting silently - whatever you feel comfortable with. More information: or phone Angela on 07598820467