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Global Climate Strike

#CLIMATESTRIKE in Tilos – Livadia

Friday, September 27, 6:00 PM
from the main square to the seashore
Πέτρινο Καφέ, Livadia
Tilos, 85002, Greece
Under the overall theme of “mêtis. the wave in the mind and fugitive planning” and in strong solidarity to global climate strike actions we raise our voices in rebellion from Tilos the remote, island of the Dodecanese within the Aegean archipelago where rare healing plants co-exist with the remains of prehistoric mammals: On Friday the 27th of September, we join in loud celebration the vision of young rebels around the world. We gather as a celebratory oddkin: Students and teachers, young and old, artists and field workers, scientists and travelers, musicians and shop keepers, locals and visitors we start with a strike and then make a striking procession towards the sea! Starting from the main square at Livadia we follow the young toward the port and we sing, we speak in tongues, we play music, we change our everyday moves and transform to other species, we imitate the rich noise and wild entanglements of life. We transmit, we disrupt, we demand change we make waves and start a new thread of rebellion from a small Aegean island. “mêtis. the wave in the mind and fugitive planning” is dedicated to the loving memory of poet, writer, artist and visionary champion of ecology, Nanos Valaoritis (1921–2019). We stand by his legacy.