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Global Climate Strike

#ClimateStrike in Bethnal Green

Friday, September 20, 4:00 PM
Bethnal Green Garden South of Tube by Memorial
Roman Road and Cambridge Heath Road
Bethnal Green London, E2, United Kingdom
YOU ARE NEEDED Join us on September 20th as millions of us walk out of our homes and workplaces to join young people in the streets for the biggest global climate strike yet. Tower Hamlets, people from local workplaces, schools colleges and the community are protesting at various meeting points in the borough during the day - see #ClimateStrike Listings. Our house is on fire. The climate crisis is an emergency but we’re not acting like it. Invite people you work with, friends, family, clubs, and community. We need everyone. Throughout the world global warming is causing death and destruction through floods, droughts, and storms. Many people in TH have family in poor countries very seriously affected now, such as Bangladesh and Somalia. And it is affecting us here now, for example, in our borough people are suffering now with high rates of asthma and lung problems, from the severe levels of fossil fuel caused road pollution. This meeting point is at 4pm on 20th in Bethnal Green Garden, the park just south of the memorial by Bethnal Green Tube, is somewhere where the local community and people working locally can meet with parents, school students, teachers and school staff, who are coming after school.