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Global Climate Strike

#Meuúteroéumabomba Reading of Ecofeminist Poems in [Lisbon]

Friday, September 27, 6:00 PM
Crew Hassan
R. Andrade 8A
Lisbon, 1170-014, Portugal
Ecofeminism, in a simple and maybe simplistic definition, is the recognition of how violence against women and nature derives from the same patriarchal system which produces the Other and objectifies it, deriving from this process its right to oppress and exploit it. In the day that closes the Global Environmental Strike we want to gather in celebration and give new voice to the words of ecofeminist poetresses and poets, feel them resonate in our bodies and take them home with us. Everyone is welcome. We are going to read poems, listen to music, talk and meet people, we are going to have fun with seriousness and think with levity. Because poetry is to see beauty in the abyss, and to face it. In the hope that this meeting would encourage other activities linked to the Global Climate Strike in Lisbon and that it will offer a platform of true exchange, we echo François d’Eaubonne and shout: Ecofeminism or death! The poetry and music evening will take place at CrewHassan on Friday 27th September at 18h. The reading of poems and short-stories will be alternated to moments of music, played by Jonas Pelle. Everyone can read: we welcome suggestions of poems and ask you to send them to the following email address: [email protected] If you want to read but don’t know what, write us at the same email: we have plenty of poems to suggest! Papers with poems will be left on the tables for last-minute improvisers. Finally, come even if you don’t want to read; listen to the others and have a drink with us.