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Global Climate Strike

#UnitedForClimateJustice Luxembourg

Friday, September 27, 3:00 PM
Different places in the city
Different places in the city
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
ENG: After the previous months filled with actions around the climate especially led by the youth, as more and more extreme events like flash floods, heat waves and storms happened even here in Luxembourg, it’s time for all of society to join one of the biggest international waves of climate activism yet. Internationally coordinated strikes and actions will take place during the “Week for Future” beginning on September 20th and finishing off on September 27th with mass mobilizations. We come together as youth strikers, climate activists, NGO’s and unions in order to make the 27th a huge climate mobilization in Luxembourg. The measures for climate protection need to be taken now and need to be socially fair. This is a climate crisis, we demand the luxembourgish government to act accordingly to this emergency. When we talk about climate justice, we mean justice between the global north and south, between generations, between rich and poor. All the existing inequalities will be aggravated by the imminent climate breakdown, so they need to be thought and fought together. Whether you are a worker, an employee, a farmer, a student, a pensioner, an employer, a new or long-time activist, a (grand)parent, a (grand)child, …every single person is needed to make lasting change possible! We are calling on EVERYONE who is ready to fight for climate justice NOW to join us in the streets of Luxembourg-City on September 27th at 3 pm. #United4ClimateJustice #Earthstrike #GlobalClimateStrike