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Global Climate Strike

#ClimateStrike in Luxembourg

Friday, September 20, 10:00 AM
Place de la Gare
Place de la Gare
Luxembourg, 1616, Luxembourg
The next strike date is set! We will meet at 10 am, and the action will be finished at 1 pm. It is going to be a legally declared and peaceful march with a closing rally. Further information concerning the route and timetable coming soon! But why should you join us for the Youth Strike for Climate on Friday, 20th September? Since the 24th of May, the day when millions of students were striking and protesting all over the globe, the threat to humanity imposed by the climate crisis has only accelerated and the first alarming signals of the disastrous future that we are heading to are beginning to show. The Arctic is burning while the permafrost is melting, one of Iceland’s glaciers has disappeared. Experts have been shocked about the first glacial lakes that appeared this summer. People elsewhere are dying of dehydration and famines due to losses in agriculture. Simultaneously, millions of hectares of land have been burned down. Our Earth is on fire! Even here in Luxembourg, we have started facing the first effects of our inaction. While the memories of last year’s terrible floods in the Müllerthal are still fresh in our minds, we have seen the ravaging effects of two major wildfires within a few days. This has not happened here in decades. In early August, another sign of erratic weather was shown by a sizable tornado overrunning southern Luxembourg and leaving enormous destruction behind. The damage assessment is so enormous the insurance companies see themselves unable to pay for the wreckage, and therefore the government has promised to help the victims financially. The climate crisis has shown itself to come at a high cost for all of us. The big climate action UN Summit, taking place on 23rd September 2019, is humanity’s next big chance to turn things around. The world leaders will take important decisions; alliances will be created, and we have to get our voices heard to guarantee a safe and liveable future for all beings. We have to keep in mind that not only do we risk our own future, but we put in danger millions of animals and people, who are not contributing to the climate crisis, not only in future years, but at this very moment. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a good start, however lifestyle contributes a mere 25% of the emissions. If we want to save the world, the ones causing the other 75% need to transition to an environmentally based economy rather than one based on growth. Let’s tell them together, united as youths all over the globe again, that we are scared and need them to move in order to save our future! Let’s prove to them that the youth takes an interest in their future and that we are worthy of being heard and being respected as mature beings. Let’s show them we care about our only home, our planet, our earth.